Who is counselling for? 

Anybody who needs a safe space to talk through difficult issues and seek personal growth. 

Who do you work with? 

I see individuals and couples aged over 16 who speak either English or Spanish.

How does counselling start?

We would arrange an initial session to explore what you need from counselling and how we might work together. I can usually offer a session time within two weeks of first contact. I can offer a free 15 minute initial phone consultation if desired. 


How many sessions will I need?

There's no set answer to this. I offer open-ended counselling. For some only 2 or 3 sessions may be enough to air some concerns, for others it may be necessary to commit to a longer process over several months or even years. If preferred, we can agree a fixed number of sessions and then review the process as we go along. In any case, our work together can be reviewed at any point. 

What frequency should sessions be?

I recommend coming once a week in order to maintain sufficient momentum in the process. However, I do offer the flexibility to come more or less often according to your needs.

How does the process work? 

This may be the first time you have considered counselling and naturally you may feel apprehensive about what it involves. This article provides some useful guidance on how to make the most out of counselling. 

Do you do 'Christian Counselling'?

I am a Christian and am happy to explore matters of faith and spirituality. The extent to which we bring God into the process is up to you. 

While many of my clients are Christians, I welcome those of any faith or none. 

What is your cancellation policy?

I ask that you give me a minimum of 48 hours notice to cancel a session. I would expect you to pay the full fee for the session if cancelling late, regardless of the reason. I offer a phone or video call as an alternative if you can't make it to my office.

Is there disabled access at your venues?

In Hampton you would also need to climb one flight of stairs (I can assist if needed); there is plenty of free parking. I do have a secondary venue in Hampton which is on the ground floor.